Since 2011, the Chromebook has been gradually making moves as the preferred piece of tech to implement in school IT Programs. Why the Chromebook? Compared to a standard PC or MacBook, the Chromebook boasts benefits for students and teachers beyond usual tech. The Google Chrome OS is a cloud based system that is very secure, designed for group collaboration and sharing which allows infinite possibilities in the classroom. In addition, Chromebooks tend to be simpler and easier to adopt with the added benefit of being generally cheaper than a tablet or laptop.

Acer has always led in the evolution of the Chromebook and below we’ve reviewed their recent generation, the R13. Take a peek below to see if Acer R13 is the next addition to a classroom or personal life.

Infographic of R13 Specs

Core features:

Price : $399

System : Runs on Google Chrome OS, but is compatible with Android Apps

Size : the 13.3 inch screen with 1080p panel

Design :

The R13 features a newer aluminum design that is sleeker than previous models. The stand-out feature of the R13 is the 360 degree flip capability and the touch screen, allowing seamless transition from laptop to tablet.

Size and Dimensions: 326 x 228 x 15.5 mm

The R13 is 0.6 inches thick and weighs around 3.2 lb/1.5 kg.

Ports : USB Type-C port, HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and microSD card reader, headphone jack, and lock slot.

Battery Life : Approximately 12 hours of use once fully charged

Storage : 16/32/64GB

Camera : HD FOV webcam and HDR photos

Pros and Cons of Acer R13

Our Final Takeaway :

Pro’s : the touch screen allows for educational games to be accessed by children of all ages, The Google Chrome OS is also the best collaborative software for the classroom, applied widely by K-12 and higher education. Students can use any device because once they login, they have all of their work on Google Drive. In addition the new aluminium design is durable as well as aesthetically pleasing, a large improvement from more utilitarian products by Acer.

Con’s : The screen finish is very polished and glossy which poses a problem with tablet use, we found our fingers left marks and smudges really easily on the screen, it’s important to clean the screen well and often. The storage options are low but with Chrome OS most things are saved into the cloud so this is not an issue.

As far as the price-to-value comparison goes, the $399 price tag for a fully operating touchscreen Chromebook and convertible tablet (With Chrome OS and Android Apps) is a big bang bang for your buck!

Besides the minor flaws, we would give the Acer R13 a 9/10 for classroom education and beyond.


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