The Leading Companies for Innovation and Technology in 2017 (according to NutKase!)



Market Cap: $51.9 Billion

Salesforce Logo

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud based Customer Relations Management system. Forbes has deemed the company the world’s most innovative company for the 4th year in a row. And in San Francisco, the hub of technology development, Salesforce is the #1 employer for the technology industry. So, what is the strategy that makes Salesforce so effective in innovation? It provides it’s services to businesses of all sizes. Salesforce has designed smart, easy-to-use applications for all business models to implement a CRM, to optimize and track sales leads and data.



Market Cap: $33.5 Billion

Tesla Logo

Tesla Motors Inc. is involved in the full supply chain of electrical automotive, electrical batteries and electrical power trains. Some products currently sold are the Tesla Model S and Model X electric vehicles. Tesla can be toted as innovator due to their ability to take existing technology, improving it and branding/marketing it in a high concept way.  Tesla takes each process such as design, development and manufacture and develops them using innovative models to transform processes. The latest innovation Tesla has taken on is drilling tunnels and digging holes. Although this undertaking may seem strange there is speculation it relates to a hyperloop train system that could revolutionize transportation.



Valued at: $3.8 billion

Slack Logo

Slack is one of the best productivity softwares on the market. Slack is a workplace messaging system that is only 2 years old. With about 2.3 million daily users, Slack is one of the growing business softwares to watch. CEO Stewart Butterfield previously developed the popular photo sharing site Flikr and has no intent to sell the company soon. The projection for the company is that it will replace email eventually.



Market Cap: $381.7 Billion

Amazon Logo

Amazon is a cloud computing titan, it’s also the biggest e-commerce in the United States. Amazon started as an online book retailer. From there, Amazon has entered nearly every retail industry and also sells digital content which amount to multi billions of dollars in cloud services. Since 1994 Amazon has exclusively been online and in 2017 they plan to begin a brick-and-mortar expansion, an unexpected innovation. Amazon has smashed both big and small competitors with their data driven analytical processes.



Valuation: $1.5 Billion

Buzzfeed logo

Buzzfeed is an online media company that has steadily grown from trending ‘listicles’ to a franchise spanning over 11 countries. Buzzfeed has leveraged its success through social media channels which drive over 75% of their traffic. Although Buzzfeed became famous for viral/humorous lists, they have expanded coverage to  politics, think pieces, global news coverage and personal essays on sensitive topics. One of their most successful expansions is Tasty- the viral food videos that get over 5 billion views per month. As Buzzfeed makes expansions, it is a media outlet to watch for the latest trends and innovations.



Market Cap: $41.1 Billion

Netflix Logo

Netflix has designed the world of subscription streaming with the consumers in mind. In 2016 Netflix expanded their service to over 130 countries. By the end of 2016 Netflix allowed for Download and Go, which permits a user to download and watch their favorite shows offline, this is the next step for streaming services, with no pricing compromised they’ve allowed users to download (for a limited time). The algorithms applied to each user makes the experience more catered, ‘My List’ and movies recommended to you give consumers exactly what they are looking for.



Market Cap: $251.3 Billion


Alibaba is China’s largest E-commerce comprised of bidding platforms, e-commerce products and services, payment platforms and now starting a film production company. Alibaba is similar to Ebay, PayPal and Amazon but based in China, which has an equal or greater online shopping community to US. Alibaba is revolutionizing global trade, their sold products include Eggs, Car Parts, Self Defence supplies, Amusement Park gifts, or Industrial Machinery.

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