Artificial Intelligence

If Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are doing it, would you?

All these digital empires have at least one interest in common- they are investing in Artificial Intelligence Research. Apple has just joined the Partnership for AI an alliance that claims to:

“Established to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public’s understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society.”. This Partnership is formed to inform the public of advancement and prepare sectors for the inevitable use of A.I. in daily life. In the preparation for the future of AI, the Alliance names Education as one of the most impacted sectors.

One of the concerns from the public is the replacement of human workforce with A.I. 47 percent of U.S. employees are at risk of losing their jobs to automation (released by Oxford University). These numbers threaten educational sectors as well, but instead of a robot taught classroom, we would like to imagine the more realistic solutions AI can add to the classroom.”

Instead of being on the defensive against AI stealing our jobs, we should be preparing children to potentially work alongside AI in the future. If a student demands a skill beyond the basic reading writing and mathematics, AI can be implemented. For instance, if a child is want to learn a specific language, AI can aid in the development of this skill. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been implemented in many applications such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. For knowledge beyond the average human, these AI can help certain students greatly. Alexa was just certified by NASA with the ‘skill’ to answer questions regarding Mars.

So what is the core potential of learning with AI?


  • Natural Language Process


The potential for NLP is huge in the academic field. For any new language learners, it can aid them in assimilating to a classroom and developing fluency. The drawback with Google Translate or Dragon Speech recognition is that it is not 100% accurate yet. With more advancement, research and investment, NLP has the potential to transform the classroom. In Europe alone there is 2.85 million invested in Language Technologies for Lifelong Learning to develop the right tools, usability and optimization of NLP software.


  • Change the role of teachers and how they support/interact with each student


The role of teachers will always remain strong in education but their tasks may change with the implementation of AI, which has the potential of taking over grading tasks. In addition to more accurate grading, AI can be tailored to each student’s’ learning style. Adaptive learning has already been implemented successfully with programs like Khan academy. Khan is a free video service for all school subjects.

  1. Student Path Solutions

Since algorithms in Netflix can suggest exactly what you would like to watch next, why can’t schools? This AI can be applied to the student process of finding and applying to colleges and schools. It can also tailor majors and learning paths for the specific student. This projection may not occur for more than a decade, but it is a natural technological progression.

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