Have you ever come across an Instagram or Facebook account with such pristine and curated photos that you wonder to yourself- self, why can’t I take pictures like this? Well, you don’t have to daydream any longer because there are a variety of photo editing apps that can make any novice an expert.

What stage are you in on your photography journey? If you lack experience, skills, and proper technology- this list of the best photography apps can help you. Whether you are working on iPhone or iPad, this Apps selection is the best of the Apple Store.


Pro: Prisma turns photos into famous works of art by Warhol, Picasso and 30 other styles.

Pro: From a design perspectives, this app is incredibly inspiring and challenges people to see the world in a different way.

Con: Tends to crash.

Con: Beyond a one-time use, this app renders most photos unrecognizable for displaying your photographs or realistic posts.

📸Afterlight (free)

Pro: Afterlight has a plethora of pre-set filters categorized in different seasons that can be layered.

Pro: Offers a variety of white borders in different shapes and styles.

Con: For the more advanced filters you are forced to pay $0.99.

Layout (free)

Pro: Layout is an App by Instagram that helps you put your photos into collage form.

Pro: The App easily connects to Instagram for posting, without watermark.

Con: Some users have found bugs in the Instagram connection, but this is sure to be fixed as a facet of Instagram Inc.


Pro: Manual is for more experienced photographers who want to control the photos they take.

Pro: The raw images and ISO settings are for the more experienced photographer that wants to control precise settings on their photos.

Con: Sometimes the raw image files save blurry or incomplete.

Giphy Cam

Pro: Giphy Cam makes it possible to make compressed image Gif videos using multiple image frames.

Pro: Giphy Cam is a fun way to make content for business or personal use, they are attention grabbing and can be decorated, you can now use Giphy Cam for iMessage.

Pro: You are able to draw or use funny filters to add on.

📸TouchRetouch ($1.99)

Pro: A Simple and easy alternative to PhotoShop for retouching photos.

Pro: There is a cloning tool, healing tool (that removes unwanted elements in a photo), as well as a smart line remover tool that is designed for erasing power lines easily.

Con: Not very compatible for iPad.

📸VSCO cam (free)

Pro: One of the best subtle filter and refining apps for the minimalist and artistic photographer.

Pro: VSCO is a community where people share photography without the pressure or distraction of followers and likes.

Con: After years of updates, VSCO has changed a lot of it’s interface and the functions of many buttons are confusing.

Con: The app is prone to crashing and additional filter packages and lines cost up to $3.99.


Pro: Free App that provides a simplified version of Photoshop.

Pro: This app is ideal for smoothing facial features, whitening teeth, broadening smile, and minimizing or maximizing body forms.

Con: This app can be easily overused causing false and unrealistic features- use in moderation.

📸Mextures (free)

Pro: Mextures is the texture enhancing app for iPhone photos.

Pro: You can layer light leaks of all varieties and shapes, grungy textures, and your typical exposure edits to your desired effect and save them in ‘formulas’.

Con: The new update has been known to crash and lose saved settings.

📸Boomerang (by Instagram)

Pro: Bursts of 10 photos make a fun and shareable forwards and backwards jumping mini video.

Pro: Very simple and straightforward.

Con: Not a lot to offer beyond the core use.

Con: Can not upload videos to be ‘Boomeranged’, only can be taken in app or through Facebook Stories.


Pro: Photos and videos can be taken in app or directly posted, ideal for adding a filter over video footage.

Pro: The filters can be applied on a sliding scale and the editing section has improved featuring LUX and FADE features.

Con: Most of the listed apps spawned because of Instagram’s inferior editing interface.

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