Today NutKase is delighted to present a guest blog by Mark Shillitoe detailing his extraordinary trip deep into the Amazon Rainforest.

Project Ceiba was a mobile creators project in the Colombian Amazon Rainforest with the goal of empowering a community to express themselves in new ways. Infused with the iTunes U course “Making Thinking Visible”, the project was led by educators Juan Felipe Pardo and Mark Shillitoe. Both teachers and students discovered the power of media literacies, developing essential workflows in an already digitally rich environment, thanks to a Ministry of Technology initiative in Colombia.

Nun using iPad

This 1:1 tablet school, only accessible by boat, deep in the heart of the Amazon was on the verge of the internet!

NutKase kindly sponsored ‘Project Ceiba’, The rugged nature of the iPad mini case was essential as most of the digital creating was done in the field. The hand strap was super effective and an immediate hit with all learners. The neck strap was practical when boarding a boat or wading through the undergrowth. The DIY timelapse camera, tripod fixing hack was a delight, capturing the awe of an Amazonian sunset.

The school community embraced the idea of storytelling and making their thinking come alive by making documentaries, creating books, building circuits, composing electronic music and capturing field trips that illustrate this incredibly rich and diverse part of the world they inhabit.

About the Author:

Mark is excited about providing opportunities for curious learners to discover and explore an evolving learning landscape. As a digital artist, tinkerer and innovator, he leads learning innovations and creativity at a Swiss International School. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Technology Will Save Us Ambassador & Mozilla Club Leader. His current projects include developing Genius Hour, infusing the maker movement across school, leading European Code/Maker Week initiatives and authoring an iTunes U course to empower mobile learning leaders by ‘Making Thinking Visible’.

Mark has recently led workshops and created ‘pop up’ makerspaces at Learning2 Europe, ECIS Technology Conference, Munich and Practical Pedagogies, Toulouse.

Talk to Mark about Invention Literacy, MakerSpaces, Web remixing, Mozilla Clubs, Sound art installations, Social media in the classroom, Google Classroom, iPad initiatives, making thinking visible in the Amazon Rainforest, DIY wearable technology and his Skateboard upgrade maker project!

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