Are you searching for a way to make more use of technology in your classroom but aren’t sure what might add the most value in terms of education? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 awesome apps that really bring substantial benefits to the learning environment and will help your students become even more engaged with your subjects during their education.


Aurasma wasn’t designed for the classroom but it is perfect for provoking discussions and debate. It’s an augmented reality platform which allows kids to see their environment in completely new ways. Everyone can demonstrate their own augmented reality and share it through their “aura”.

Stack The States

If you’re trying to help your class learn more about the United States and, in particular, each of the individual states, then Stack The States from edshelf is a great way to do it. It’s won multiple awards as the best educational game app and it really is a tonne of fun to learn from.

Shakespeare In Bits

It can be challenging to help kids connect with the language in Shakespeare to unearth the exciting stories beneath. MindConnex has been tackling that problem and launched Shakespeare in Bits to help teachers engage students with Shakespeare.

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Graphing Calculator

This is an amazing resource for math and science teachers in particular. Save your kids from splashing out the cash on a posh graphing calculator and get them to install this app from Appcylon LLC instead.

It has all the functions you’d expect from a calculator and a few more too. Time Magazine rated it in their top 10 school apps of all time.


Not every school has the budget to put a smartphone in every student’s hand but Plickers lets the teacher run a quiz or poll with the class using cards for the students and an iPhone to scan the results. It’s a super app which helps teachers everywhere.

Virtual Frog Dissection

It used to be mandatory to do a dissection or two in biology class but today it can be very distressing so why not go for a virtual dissection instead?

Students can pull the frog to pieces using on screen tools without harming a single frog.


What can be more inspiring than the chance to explore the universe around us? NASA has made it easy for teachers to motivate the next generation of astronauts and astrophysicists with their amazing and completely free classroom app.


It’s a classic but that doesn’t mean it’s lost its use. Evernote is an awesome organizational tool for students and teachers alike and it can really assist with taking notes when under pressure.

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Flashcards Maker Pro

When it comes to developing revision tools there’s often nothing more effective than flash cards. Flashcards Marker Pro allows for rapid development of using flashcards.

We all used to carry a large dictionary to class but today there’s no need for your students to do the same.  The app allows everyone to have a dictionary on their phone instead.

Do you have experience using any of these education related apps? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Finally, if you would like some free tech tools to use in your classroom, check out our recent blog.

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