Teaching K12 isn’t the easiest of tasks with so much pressure on both kids and teachers to perform. Any help that you can get to make life simpler should be seized with both hands. That’s one of the nice things about apps in the classroom. They’re at their best when they’re increasing the learning potential of students whilst offering teachers a little extra space for the management and support side of their roles as educators.

So, with that in mind we’ve picked out 3 apps to help you teach in the K12 classroom. Check them out:


We think that StoryKit is the kind of app that could fire the imagination in any classroom. It is designed so that children can make their own electronic storybook and of course, the applications in English or Art classes are very clear but we think it’s a shame to leave it there.

There’s no reason that you can’t get children to use it to map out other stories from other lesson types. For example, there might be the story of photosynthesis in a biology lesson or the story of glacier formation in geography.

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There’s no real limit to what you could achieve with StoryKit with just a little imagination from the children and the teacher in the classroom.


They may not have put a man or woman on Mars just yet but the folks at NASA are incredibly generous with their educational material. We can’t think of any other agency that works so hard to make its work attractive and interesting to people of all ages.

The NASA app is completely free on iOS and Android which is a big win for educators trying to expand their horizons on a tight budget. It allows for a whole host of interactions including live coverage of any current NASA events, a huge library of images  and videos from NASA archives and the ability to track the International Space Station (ISS) in orbit.

It’s hard to think of anything more exciting than the exploration of the unknown.

Shakespeare in Bits

How do you teach the greatest works of English literature to youngsters who don’t want to get involved in the language of another era? The answer could be Shakespeare in Bits which is a free to use application which that pulls Shakespeare into the modern era.

Children and teaching staff will both delight in the combination of classic text, with on screen translations into a more modern language style, multimedia scenes and professional audio. If that wasn’t enough they also supply character relationship mapping so you can decide just who Mercutio was to Juliet and some fairly weighty literary analysis.

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If you’d like to try these apps they’re all available free online and you can’t go wrong with any of them. We’d also recommend that you check out our blog on the use of game shows within the classroom for even more fun and learning.

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